wanting to understand this why

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wanting to understand this why

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to patrol soldier, if can not promise here and go down south perhaps to also have a problem."
Ping Guo Zhang's Jon Singleton Authentic Jersey point nods, he is in fact also worrying the city mountain of on the side.Come to Yang Qiu Yi for this period of time town take city mountain as a base and attack everywhere and have in current war Sun 30% is all"is small and fight" by this kind of consume of, if can not solve them, even if oneself opens a filial piety go down south, also meeting face back drive cut off of danger.He early is just wanting to divide the soldier's affair, just take to prohibit the parties how much person.
Sending a mark is affirmative not enough, one's helping unwillingly can suppress the enemy here, but annihilation impossible, because city mountainous country power complicated, oneself goes on expedition life Jose Altuve Authentic Jersey ground not familiar of, unless BE!The vision of Ping Guo Zhang is on the map on rounding, just prepared to talk, staff officer hurtled to come in, Zhang Lian Fen a blocked him to ask a way:"Is He Shi nervous?"
"Not good!"The staff officer attends to not and up pant, urgently must yell a way:"Wang Wang Jia's store was inheritted!"
"What!"Wang Yu Jia's temper explodes most , excitedly a clench staff officer collar of dress:"Say 1 time again?BE where?"
"Is Wang Jia Dian!"
Liu received favor to look green, Wang Jia Dian was him 29 mix help to garrison of, plus north the ocean tread a mark, the impedimenta etc. is about 1 to help!How may be attacked?Hurriedly cross-examine a way:"How many persons?How food Mo is?"
Even stick out Ping Jose Cruz Jr Authentic Jersey Guo Zhang ear, Wang Jia Dian but conjunction Wu Sheng Guan and filial piety of medium turn a station, store several thousands of ammunitions and food Mo there, the staff officer also knows importance and continues to say:"The rains and winds are a lot too big, can not distinguish concrete how much person's horse, says many big guns and machine gun, seeing certainly should has a to help of many!"
"Bastard!The soldier is all, let me immediately take a brigade to intercept them!"
"I go to, my 22 Josh Reddick Authentic Jersey marks still just Wei store, could not use a hour in the past."
Wang Jia Dian is attacked to make the front line abrupt however strain get up, Zhang Lian Fen is also a nervous way:"The soldier is all, we still leave for five days, rations now, son spring this time carry come of is all mmunition, the next ration at least would not° until after six days arrive, do you see?"
Suddenly and since then of accident, on the contrary let calmed down down in Ping Guo Zhang, the light descends full head China hair to seem all handstand get up, acquaint with his Zhang Lian Fen to know this time he is arisen to kill heart!Haven't waited openings, see the his sudden hand go toward city mountain a , sneer way:"BE not want to make me divide a soldier to weaken front Ken Giles Authentic Jersey side?Good!The old headman this time does Yang Qiu Ge the honor!"
"Take charge of Cheng!"
Wang Yu Jia's hand holds a haft, blue vein of arm suddenly and violently Tu, before acrossing one step:"The soldier issues order generally, Lao Tze this time not he the full face bloom, is his grandson to keep!"
"Take to ascend your a fourth town, I give you 10!Break through door in the city mountain, sky for me to man the road of the Chuan!"
"The soldier is all, a town is be not."Is public the son all getting a fright, having never thought master to go ahead regardless life to pull a town of walking to one openings!Zhang Lian Fen hurriedly persuades, but is interrupted by Ping Guo Zhang's one mouthful and

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