when mind is related to your body

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when mind is related to your body

Postby giveme » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:02 am

No exaggeration seems if there are people who think a lot of the burden of the mind can make the disease. Because of the many burdens of mind that ultimately make stress easily lower one's immune power. When there is a virus or disease-causing bacteria, the body becomes more easily uprooted.

Holistic health practitioner spoken, Reza Gunawan, any burden of mind, stress, or problems that wrapped around a person will cause tension in the inner level. Furthermore, this tension can change the balance of nerve and brain (neuro), then shifts the harmony of hormones and glands (endocrine), which affects the immune system (immune), and eventually ends up in health problems.

Reza cited a statement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a health institution in the United States that gives an indication that about 85 percent of all illnesses have an emotional element. In other words a disease is related to the factor of thought and feeling.

"Nearly 100% of the quality of our physical health is determined by the health of our minds.Almost 50% of our mind problems are caused by memory, which is not recognizable as memories, but is thought to be reality, and 50% of our other mind problems are caused by projections, unrecognized as a fantasy, but considered as a reality, "said Reza in his statement and written on Tuesday (20/1/2015).

"Self healing helps us recognize reality, and makes us able to distinguish between memories, fantasies, and reality, which alone relieves 99 percent of problems in the mind, which automatically results in improved physical health," he added.

According to him, just reading health information is not enough, because it needs to be practiced in everyday life. Learning to manage breath, touch / massage, motion, and silence can be useful to align yourself through self healing.

Reza advises against trying to think positive. Because the more the mind or the negative opposed, it will be more durable. Instead of forcing yourself to always think positively, it is better to learn from nature. That nature also knows bright and cloudy. This situation is not permanent, but will change if the time comes.

"If unpleasant thoughts / feelings arrive, find an atmosphere of solitude and permit No permanent thought or feeling.Consult meditation as soon as possible," advises the husband of novelist and singer, Dee Lestari, this.

Jeffrey Eka Rachman, self healing instructor, in self healing class who followed some time ago said the cause of the disease can be due to primary and secondary factors. The primary factor is the inner disharmony, which is the condition of stress. "This stress is realized but there are also the subconscious," said Jeffrey.

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Meanwhile, there are secondary factors that cause illness associated with diet, lifestyle, environment, and external provocation such as presence of virus or bacteria. Sometimes someone unhealthy foods, such as snacks carelessly, but not necessarily sick. Sometimes a person can get cold but still stay healthy. But at other times, just because the momentary whistling has been exposed to the flu a week.

"It affects each other, it could be a good endurance, so even if there are secondary factors that cause illness, he does not get sick," said Jeffrey.

"People who are less stressed will see what steps to take forward in a panic, at least minimizing the mess, and people with less stress are usually more resistant to illness," he continued.

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